The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners
Certified Computer Examiner

Skills Necessary

The Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)SM examination, Level I will require:
  • A good understanding of basic rules of evidence, as they relate to:
    • The seizure or acquisition of magnetic media
    • The handling, marking and storage of electronic evidence
    • The "chain of custody" 
    • The "right to privacy"
  • A good understanding of how to wipe, verify and validate media
  • A good understanding of how to protect the original media for accidental writes
  • A good understanding of how to make and verify exact copies of media
  • A basic understanding of PC hardware
  • A very basic understanding of PC networking 
  • A good understanding of Microsoft Office applications and how to access the metadata that is stored within MS Office documents 
  • A basic understanding of common data formats by header, appearance, etc.
  • A basic understanding of how to defeat passwords
  • A basic understanding of CDR recording processes
  • A basic understanding of Internet issues, such as doing a "who is", determining ownership of a domain name, etc.
  • The ability to write clear understandable reports 
  • The ability to organize and present exhibits in or as an attachment to reports

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